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I am new to Jenkinsfile. I have previously configured my Jenkins job from GUI, and we are now upgrading our server to use Jenkinsfile. My job contains a section which needs to SSH to another server. To do this, I previously used the sshagent plugin on the GUI to specify my keys. However, on the jenkinsfile mechanism this does not work. Jenkins Pipeline currentBuild.changeSets and retrieving emails per repository I have a Jenkins pipeline job, that check outs three repositories. When the build fails, depending on where it fails, I want to send emails to the developers which caused the last commits/changes. See full list on

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Jenkinsfile mailer plugin. SMTP server: Name of the mail server.If empty the system will try to use the default server (which is normally the one running on localhost).Jenkins uses JavaMail for sending out e-mails, and JavaMail allows additional settings to be given as system properties to the container. Jun 18, 2020 · def changeLogSets = currentBuild.changeSets for (int i = 0; i < changeLogSets.size(); i++) { def entries = changeLogSets[i].items for (int j = 0; j < entries.length; j++) { def entry = entries[j] echo "${entry.commitId} by ${} on ${new Date(entry.timestamp)}: ${entry.msg}" def files = new ArrayList(entry.affectedFiles) for (int k = 0; k < files.size(); k++) { def file = files[k] echo " ${} ${file.path}" } } }

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Jun 05, 2020 · Version controlling database schemas facilitates repeatable deployments and consistent environments. The alternative is have a human manually perform database modifications; since humans are human, we tend to make mistakes especially when performing repetitive tasks, and our time is also very expensive compared to that of machines, so automating database schema changes is superior approach.

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jenkinsfile-runner-git (requires java-runtime-headless) jicofo (requires java-runtime-headless) jicofo-bin (requires java-runtime-headless) jicofo-git (requires java-runtime-headless) jitsi-videobridge (requires java-runtime-headless) jitsi-videobridge-bin (requires java-runtime-headless) jlibgamma (requires java-runtime-headless) jre7-openjdk ... The output directory will contain files with the XML configurations.. Use Case 2: Updating Jenkins Jobs¶ Once you've tested your job definition and are happy with it then you can use the update command to deploy the job to Jenkins.